Black Forest Cake: A dessert with a characteristic taste, named after the famous cherry brandy!

Although it bears the word the Black Forest in the name, this cake was not named after the famous Black Forest mountains, but after the famous cherry brandy, which is the pride of the area (Schwarzwälder kirschwasser). This fine liqueur is soaked in the crust, which thus gets a characteristic aroma.

There are over 500 types of cakes in the recipes of traditional German cuisine. For most of these cakes, the main ingredients are chocolate and whipped cream. One of such cakes is the Black Forest cake, which was made in southern Germany, near Stuttgart. The mixture of sweet-sour cream, chocolate crust, and cherries makes this cake one of the most delicious desserts in the world. Some records say that it was first made by Joseph Keller in 1915.

Wherever this cake was made, Germany considers it its national pride, and there is a regulation that a real Black Forest cake must contain cherry liqueur and real sour cream.

Every year, a festival in honor of Black forest cake is held in the small town of Todtnauberg, where a large number of professional confectioners and amateurs, lovers of this delicacy, gather in one place.



7 eggs

250 g of sugar

1 vanilla sugar

100 g of flour

3 tablespoons of oil

60 g of cocoa

a little baking powder

Filling 1

250 ml of sweet sour cream

200 g of chopped chocolate (I use dark)

1 glass of cherries or cherries (drain — save the juice)

Filling 2

250 ml of sweet sour cream

1 fixed icing

1 vanilla sugar

2 teaspoons of cherry brandy (not liqueur)

2–3 teaspoons of powdered sugar


1 whipped cream

chocolate flakes (crumbs)

candied cherries


1 . from egg whites and 150 g of sugar, beat hard snow

2. mix egg yolks frothily with 100 g of sugar and vanilla sugar, add spoon by spoon of oil

3. blend flour, cocoa, and baking powder and sift it over the mixture of egg yolks, finally, add the egg whites and mix carefully with a wooden spoon

4. pour the dough into a cake tin (26ica) and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 40 minutes when it is ready, leave to cool well, then cut 3 times 3 crusts

5. filling: heat the sweet, sour cream and melt the chocolate, and leave it to cool, then stir it firmly (like ordinary whipped cream)

6. filling: beat sweet sour cream with whipped cream fixed firmly, add brandy, vanilla sugar, and powdered sugar, stir a little more

7. put the first crust in the mold, sprinkle with cherry juice, put cherries on it, place the 1st filling over, then put the second sprinkle the crust with juice again, then coat with the 2nd filling and finally the third crust comes on the top

8. let the cake harden in the cold, take out the mold, and decorate it as desired

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