Cremeschnitte- a cake with a unique taste and aroma which you will adore

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Airy, juicy, foamy, and at the same time surprisingly crunchy, they are an absolute classic in the cuisines of Central and Eastern Europe. Who doesn’t love Cremeschnitte yet — that irresistible combination of crispy crusts and creamy filling!

Cremeschnitte is a cake made of crispy puff pastry crusts, filled with a light cream of scrambled eggs and vanilla. Mild, frothy with crust, crunching under the teeth. For all those who have never tried this delicacy, this will be a unique and unexpected gourmet experience. This cake really doesn’t look like any other, and it was first created in ​​the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, where two related cuisines, Hungarian and Austrian, were mixed.

According to some records, the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and his beautiful and popular wife Elizabeth of Bavaria, better known as Sisi, enjoyed its specific, crunchy texture and creamy, delicious vanilla filling as well.

They were the inhabitants of the beautiful baroque castle of Schönbrunn in the 19th century, in which the history of Austria was written. They belonged to the Habsburg dynasty, which ruled this area throughout the 18th century until 1918.

Soon, the irresistible taste of this cake became known in Central and Eastern Europe, so many countries started making them according to their own recipe. So we have different variations of this treat. The word itself comes from the German word Cremeschnitte, which consists of two words, Creme (cream) and Schnitte (piece), so the word could literally be translated as “a piece of cream.”

Cremeschnitte, which you can try on the island of Bled in Slovenia, stands out with its specific taste. It is a widely known threat with two fillings served in the confectionery of the Prague Hotel.

Divine Bled island, a picturesque place, in the embrace of high mountains overlooking an emerald green Alpine lake, with a fairytale medieval castle from the 11th century hidden on mountain cliffs and a picturesque seventeenth-century church with a bell of wishes, is a unique tourist attraction of Central Europe.

Of course, if you add delicious snacks of the far-famed Bled Cremeschnitte, then staying in this romantic fairytale place will be a unique and unforgettable experience you will remember for a long time.

Kotor is a peaceful, romantic medieval town, and to many, the most beautiful in Montenegro. In addition to valuable sights, picturesque streets, squares, and baroque and Renaissance palaces of the former Kotor nobility, it can also boast of its famous Kotor Cremeschnitte, which got its festival in 2015.

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is also known for the famous Zagrebacka Kremšnita, which has two fillings and a sweet chocolate glaze. In Zagreb County, only 20 km from the Croatian capital, there is the town of Samobor, which is known for its delicious Samoborska Kremšnita.

It is not difficult for many to come to this city just because of this threat and enjoy its really unique taste and smell whose recipe is a sweet secret.

If you travel to Poland don’t miss to try its own special recipe for the Polish Cremeschnitte named Napoleonka, which was a favorite dessert of Pope John Paul II and who celebrated it everywhere in the world.

Whichever of these variations of cakes you try, and whichever one you choose, you won’t go wrong, because each of them is a real rhapsody of taste and smell, to which you will return again. But it is best to try to make them yourself because it is really not difficult and the pleasure is manifold.

Here are the ingredients and instruction on how to prepare them

it takes:

2 ready-made crust or make from puff pastry
6 eggs
2 vanilla sugar
20 tablespoons of sugar
7 tablespoons of flour
3 tablespoons of thickener
1 liter of milk

Combine egg yolks, 10 tablespoons of sugar, vanilla sugar, flour, thickener, and 200–250 ml of milk. Mix everything. Put the rest of the milk on the hob to boil. When it boils, reduce the temperature a little, then add the previous mixture and cook, stirring all the time, until the mixture becomes thick, about 3–4 minutes.

Set the finished mixture aside to cool a bit, and in the meantime, whisk the egg whites with 10 tablespoons of sugar into a firm blend. Add the whipped egg whites to the still-warm cream and blend gently with a mixer or spoon.

Place one crust on the bottom of the pan, pour the filling, flatten it, then place the other crust, that is, cut the upper crust into cubes of the desired size, and fold over the filling. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Enjoy its lovely taste!



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